Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trendiness, Not Truth

The Coolest Kids in the World

America has seen its share of young radicals in the past fifty years.  From the anti-war protests of the 60s, to the anti-nuclear rallies of the 80s, to the “I have no idea why I’m here” protests of the Occupy Wall Street movement in the past year; any excuse for a protest gathering will suffice. All of them have in common masses of college educated mostly White kids from affluent families. 

There is also a barely hidden strain of Socialism, anti-Americanism, and an ever-present hint of smug superiority.  These kids and their organizers believe that anyone who really knows what’s going on is on their side.  Any opposition is merely proof of your ignorance.  Other countries have their protest-otaku but they also come from the same social strata.  The truly spoiled among them share international causes like helping “the poor, oppressed terrorists” of Palestine.  Almost invariably, the international target is the Unites States or Israel.

If questioned directly most participants will admit they don’t fully understand their position either.  But they are certain of the rightness of the cause.  Why?  Because all the “cool kids” are supporting it, therefore they become cool also, by extension.  In the long run it doesn’t matter what is being protested, as long you participate in the latest protest trend it counts in your social standing on campus.

The targets of domestic protests have commonalities as well.  They are always pillars of American society.  Whatever is traditional, good for, or beneficial for the majority of Americans is a perfect candidate for protest.  The Civil Rights protests are an exception.  They were a just cause for a significant portion of the population and did not originate on college campuses.  The Trendy White kids didn’t even acknowledge the cause until it was almost fait accompli.  Everything that makes American unique and honorable (therefore special) must be torn down.  The overarching term is Counterculture.

Molding young minds

High school is supposed to be a time of maturing.  It is the time when we finish the journey from childhood to responsible adult.  At least that is what it used to be.  Since WWII American affluence has afforded younger generations the luxury of delayed development.  Immature students arrive on campus unprepared for the realities of life beyond the hometown.  I think that was the plan all along.

Well-educated high school seniors with a firm grounding in history, patriotism and traditional values were once the consistent product of public education.  Liberal professors with their socialist doctrine could not persuade them nor could they survive for long outside of a few private Eastern universities.  The steady decline of public education now leaves young people unprepared to meet these social engineers on an even plane.  Their indoctrination begins without having to overcome resistance.

College professors belong to a class of nonproductive citizens known as the Elites.  These are men and women who possess two consistent characteristics: they believe they know better how you should live your life and they hate our shared way of life.  They hate the country and laws that provide them with a high standard of living and comfort so much that they are determined to destroy it.

The Means Justify the Ends

The United States is a good country and a great place to live despite all of the protestations from the anti-Americans hear and around the world.  There is only one proof needed; most of the protesters refuse to leave it.  America’s borders are always open to her citizens.  Anyone desiring to leave need only make travel arrangements.

Contrariwise, Socialist countries in any part of the world spend the majority of their energy trying to control their populations.  High walls, guard towers and spy networks labor full time to prevent “citizens” from escaping.  Where do most of those “blessed workers of the State” dream of living?  In the US of A, of course.  They know viscerally what esteemed professors on American campuses do not; tis better to live poor in America than to live than to life anywhere in a Socialist state.

That is the fallacy of most protests; the thing they champion cannot bring about the improvements they profess.  Real world evidence and multiple dialed experiments prove that.  The Soviet Union, Cuba, Nicaragua; every place Socialism has taken root has resulted in misery for the population, starvation, death and deprivation.  There is no reason to believe any form of Socialism can succeed in America and certainly there is no reason to believe that it could possibly improve the lives of the average citizen.

But that will not deter the protesters.  It doesn’t matter the cause or the effect; what matters is looking good while being arrested on television. 

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