Thursday, July 7, 2016


As much as I try to remain distant from political process this year, the FBI dragged me back in. Not because I care about Trump or Hillary, but because I have a deep ingrained sense of Justice as powerful to me as hunger, thirst or the need for air to breathe.
What I saw yesterday was a violation of everything I believed America stood for. I also served this country. I also carried Top Secret clearance and keep national secrets in my possession. I was also well aware of the consequences of violating that trust. Even if no one ever found out I would have betrayed and dishonored my family name. Apparently, I am a dinosaur, a relic that should have been wrapped in a thirteen-star flag and buried wit the Constitution covering my face.
Back in 1983 I sat through two incredible weeks of the Reagan Star Wars conferences. I happened to be running a theater on an isolated base at the time and happened to be vetted for high security clearance. The government and the private sector needed to discuss what was possible for the Strategic Defense Initiative. They also needed someone to operate all of the audio-visual equipment. So there I was quietly working in and around these Pentagon, Defense Industry and Research superstars with a front row view of the Black Tech World. Appropriately I wore a black uniform with no ribbons or name tag, just my rank on the sleeve.
In all of these years I have not once, not one single time revealed a bit of information about it or acknowledged the discussion of that technology even though much of it is public knowledge now. You keep your mouth shut.
Thus I find myself at odds with the same government I served and pledged loyalty to. If those at the top cannot be trusted to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, and cannot be trusted to come to the aid of Americans in peril, then what sort of nation do we have?
I questioned the sanity of America when it reelected President Barrack Hussein Obama in 2012 even knowing what he planned to do in a second term. I doubt I will want to live in whatever this nation becomes if we elect a Lawless Woman to the Presidency in 2016. I doubt if I'll need to worry about that for long; I have been on her Enemies List for a very long time - as have been many other veterans of the Old Republic. I won't be surprised when the black sedan arrives at my door.