Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Media's Problem with Tim Tebow

The Denver Bronco's rookie quarterback presents a unique problem for the reporting media.  He seems too good to be true, and the fear is, he might be as good as he seems.  Not “good” in terms of being a premier athlete in a high-dollar sport but simply as a role model.  The media in America has seen it as their duty to tear down (male) heroes from their pedestals and to rip off their mask of superiority.  But their problem here is they cannot get a handle on Tim Tebow.

How do you humble a man who is already on his knees? How do you silence a man who is already silent?

Every time some media pundit reaches up to grab Tebow they miss because he is not on that pedestal , and he refuses to put himself up there.  He gives credit for his performance to the LORD of his faith and to the other men on the team who help him complete the big plays.  How refreshing in an age of chest-thumping bravado where players cannot wait to yank off their helmet and mug for the cameras after every play no matter how minor.

Tim Tebow is an old-fashioned hero—one who is humble, not a braggart; who is gentle, not blustering and profane; decent not a skirt chaser.  That last part is impressive as he attended college in Florida with arguably the best looking coeds in the nation!

Therein lies the problem for the media.  Many of them chortled with glee when Tiger Woods finally came crashing to Earth after more than a decade of a squeaky clean image and sport superstardom.  Bringing down the Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) was an even bigger prize.  But Tim, humble Tim – horror of horrors, he might really be sincere in his faith!  That is the greatest fear; that the hidden illicit affair, the groped groupie, or molested maid will never materialize.

When you examine this iconoclastic obsession you have to ask what is so bad about having heroes.  Apparently nothing is wrong with a hero – as long as that hero is female, Gay, not Christian or non-American.  The only problem is with straight males who want to be a good father and represent strong values. 

There are no strong male role models in movies, on television (except Leroy Jethro Gibbs) or even in commercials.  The father is always the dumbest guy in the house and totally subservient to the dominant female – she who is more than a mere “wife.”  He knows nothing, cannot fix anything and is helpless without his surrogate mother hovering over him.  Unsupervised he will invariably do something immature.  One is forced to wonder why she even puts up with this man in her house.

Women applaud this national trend of putting men in their place while celebrating every accomplishment of every female child ever born.  Then sit wringing their hands wondering “where have all the good men gone?”  Ladies, these things are related.

If we do not teach boys how to be strong men, they will not be strong men.  If you laugh in front of your sons and agree with the television that “all men are boobs/dunces/dogs” then that is what your son will be.  If there are no positive, strong male role models permitted in our society, then there will be no positive, supportive males in our society.  There will be no men.

Thankfully, for the present we have Tim Tebow.  Who knows what horrible accusation we will hear tomorrow or the day after, or whether it will be true.  But for now, we have a man who speaks loudest in silent prayer and stands tallest while on bended knee.  For that, I am thankful.

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