Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dreams from Our Dictator: How President Obama sees America

The President of the United States made perhaps the most dangerous claim ever spoken by an elected official on NBC on Sunday February 6, 2012.  Speaking to Matt Lauer, President Barack Obama explained that he did not accomplish his campaign promises because of the Founding Fathers.  No, for once he did not blame his predecessor.  He reached all the way back to the beginning of this great nation – a nation constructed on the expressed will of the people – and complained about the limits Jefferson, Franklin Hancock, et al placed on the office of the president.

President Obama laments not having dictatorial powers.  Our president, the most powerful man on Earth, does not feel he has enough power.

As Obama sees it, he is the wisest man in the nation and he knows what is best for the peons who enjoy the blessings of living in his country.  We should express our gratitude for his leadership by investing him the benevolent authority to impose his will on us.  If only he can remove two obstacles from his path: the duly elected Congress and the Constitution.  Fortunately for him few in the Non-FOXNews Media (NFM) reported his words or their dire implications for our future if this man were reelected (or voted out of office as I stated in Scorched Earth).

A long time ago a group of men gathered to create an original concept in governance. Their task was not easy and it was not safe either.  One of the most powerful armies and navies on Earth belonged to the country they were in rebellion against – England and the royal monarchy.  King George III wielded full autocratic power over his vast kingdom.  No instrument in existence opposed his capricious will except the bible and he claimed that as the basis of his authority through the Church of England.

The Founding Fathers stood up to him declaring that God did not intend that man should be subject to the will of another man but to the Sovereign Will of Almighty God.  The concept was pure though it had problems in execution.  All agreed that educated, landed gentlemen should not be subject to a distant monarchy without just representation.  The sticky issue of how far the statement “All men are created equal” extended became the defining issue of the Constitutional Congress.  Did the term “all men” include ordinary men, male slaves, and women of any station?

The early compromises settled none of the big questions and ultimately sowed the seeds of the Civil War.  When people failed to end slavery with a stroke of a pen in the beginning then God demanded it be settled in blood four score years later. One out of every six American men lost their lives in that war.  That is the equivalent of over 29 million men in today’s population.

No, the Founding Fathers were not perfect, but they understood their own limitations and that of other men.  They knew that there never would be born a man fit to govern the land with autocratic authority nor can any man be trusted to act with selfless compassion when full power is in his hands.  These were classically educated men of their day.  They studied the Greeks, the Romans and the monarchies of Europe.  They knew that true benevolence is the exception and not the rule.  Power in the new nation must be shared.  No part of the government should act without limits, and the balance maintained by the other branches of government within the constraints of the Constitution.

Obama is chaffing against these bounds.  Two hundred years after these brave men placed their lives on the line to create “One Nation under God” Obama sets himself up as smarter than all of them.  He knows better than all of them.  He knows better than all of us how we should live, how our money should be spent and whom we should worship.

We should have seen this coming. Just like Marx in DAS KAPITAL, Hitler in MEIN KAMPF, Obama telegraphed his intentions in his pre-ascendency book DREAMS FROM MY FATHER.  Only a cursory reading of the book would reveal it is a declaration of hostility toward the American way of life.  He tells of his distaste for White American mainstream values – their monoracial sense of normalcy.  He is equally annoyed with all aspects of the Black American community – the split personality between those who want to seek separation and reparations from White society and those who seek assimilation and accommodation with it.

Furthermore, what does the title tell us?  Who is Obama’s father and what did he dream about?  According to his novel he is the son of Barack Hussein Obama, a senior governmental economist from Kenya.  He died in an automobile crash in Nairobi, Kenya in November 1982.  Young Barry did not live with his father from age two so we don’t know the extent of the elder’s influence on him.  We do know that Obama, Sr. was born a Muslim and became a self-professed atheist before his death.

Obama’s step-father was also foreign born. Lolo Setoro was an Indonesian Muslim. He married Obama’s mother after her 1964 divorce and moved the family back to his home country in 1967.

I cannot speak to what dreams either of these men harbored.  They might have been decent men for all we know.  But I do know that neither man shared a cultural heritage with Americans of any race, they did not see the world the same way we do; neither did they possess an understanding of the American way of life.

Despite the words and efforts of the American president, America is a good place; the American Dream is a good thing.  If Obama cannot see it so much is the pity for him.  I know I disagree with some of my Conservative friends and most of my Liberal Democrat friends but in the end we all want what is best for our nation and for each other.  The only person who cannot see that is sitting in the Oval Office trying to find a way to put an end to our dream – the dream of liberty from tyranny begun so long ago by OUR fathers.

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