Saturday, March 17, 2012


Defenseless in the Face of Danger

The most bizarre thing to hit the news circuit this week is the concept that self-defense is never warranted.  No, no one explicitly stated it that way, but it is implied in the diplomatic messages sent from the United Nations to Israel.  It seems that bloated body of parasites thinks that any attack on Israel is justified and therefore should be silently endured by that nation.

In fact, there are actually two places where unprovoked murder of and mayhem on civilian populations is deemed acceptable: Israel and the United States.  Israel is a legitimate target for anyone who is having a bad hair day because very few countries are interested in their continued existence.  Americans are targeted both because it is an open supporter of Israel and because it is also a nation that few others wants to see continue to exist.

In a rational world, when a country’s citizens are subject to a sudden barrage of missile from across the border, that country would be justified in gathering its military might and rolling across said border in massive retaliation.  That is the very purpose of having a military.  That was the reason the United States entered World War II.  That also is the reason the US and allies mounted up and rolled into South Korea, Kuwait and many other countries over the years.  It is acceptable to defend oneself and one’s allies from armed aggression – except if the victim nation is called Israel.

Imagine the US sends a covert ops team south of the border to kill a drug lord who had been targeting American Border Patrol agents for interfering with his export business.  Also imagine we have a president not named Barack Obama.  This other person would actually care enough about American citizens to act with force instead of immediately apologizing to everyone and everything in sight.

Now suppose this dead kingpin had bought powerful allies in the Mexican government and they responded to that assassination by firing rockets and missiles over the border at cities in California and Texas.  What would be an appropriate response?  Long ago America sent Army expeditions south including a young firebrand cavalry officer named George Patton searching for Mexican bandits who had been raiding over the border.  A modern US Army force has a lot of options at their disposal and could move in unrelenting force at the direction of Congress and the President.  No posturing by the UN could stop us from acting in such a case.

Yet just this week, the UN and nations around the world either ignored Israel’s plight (like Obama did) or they called on Israel to “use restraint and restore peace.”  Calling on the victim to restore peace is not rational.  That is like asking a rape victim to remain calm while the attack is in progress and not to retaliate when it is over.  No civilized mind could think in those terms.  They do in Muslim countries but that merely proves my point.

Fact: Arabs the world over want to kill Jews. Fact: people running the United Nations don’t mind if they do. But it is also a fact that Israel will never go down without at least giving it a fight.  Too bad others lack the courage to call a bully a bully.  They cower in fear on the Potomac or in New York hoping the Islamic murderers won’t notice them.  The final fact is, if Israel falls, anyone else could be next.  And don’t expect any help or support from any of the other nations cowering against the walls. Like townsfolk in old Western movies, they know somebody has to stand up to the bad guys; it just won’t be them.

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