Saturday, December 28, 2013

Remenberances of Christmas Past

I have listened for days now while people shared the list of modest but welcome Christmas gifts. It's all we can afford now.

I think back to the "bad old days" when America was ruled by those "Evil Republicans" - you know, the guys who only cared about making the Rich Richer. So the Democrats told us constantly in their attacks on Bushes and Reagan.

I also remember the Christmases we endured back then. When all we had to look forward to was a new XBOX, Nintendo, PC or car. When lines at the store were long and the cash register constantly rang. The economy buzzed along and new gadgets came out just in time for the holidays. It was overt consumerism, true, but was that worse than it is now?

Liberals want you to think rich people take too much from society. They have a lot, yes, but they also employ a lot of us. We lived a pretty good life with our share of the American pie. Liberals simply could not stand to see so many of us content to merely have a comfortable life with families living together, loving each other and peace in our homes. They had to do something.

They gave us Hope and Change. Obama's plan to make all employees government workers and the rest government dependents has left us in this state. And next year will be worse. Once Obamacare kills the remaining industrial sector you can best believe there will be no paychecks to buy products, no workers to make products and no carriers to deliver products.

We will have taxes on what we make and fines heaped on what's left. The government will have the whole pie and we will have nothing left. The only place Merry next year will be Washington DC. The rest of us are screwed unless we take action before then. I'm not placing my faith in the American people to do what is necessary; they are too easily distracted.

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